Does your facility operate like clockwork? If you’ve outsourced your commercial building maintenance, do you feel you’ve lost control over quality, consistency and cost?




On call 24/7 rapid response restoration team!

Here are just some of the Facility Maintenance and Repair Services we offer:

- 24/7 Emergency Repairs

- Ballast Replacement

- Carpentry Repairs

- Carpet/Tile Repairs & Replacement

- Ceiling Repairs

- Construction Clean-Up

- Electrical Repairs

- Painting/Wallpapering

- HVAC Preventive Maintenance

- Lock and Door Repairs



- Water Clean-Up

- Office Furniture Moving

- Wall Mounting

- Ceiling Tile Repair/Replacement

- Door/Hinge/Hardware Repair

- Furniture & Equipment Assembly

- Light Fixture Installation

- Light Lamp Re-installation

- Remodels/Alterations

- Caulking & Glazing

- Plumbing Repairs

On Site Maintenance in which full-time Building Maintenance Technicians are dedicated to your facility.  This service is typically for larger buildings where there is a need to have immediate care to overlook mechanical systems, electrical service, and plumbing.  The benefit of this service is having a dedicated staff that knows the details of your facility to keep things running smoothly.

Instead of being free to focus on your business, you’re worried about what’s going on in your building and who’s doing what. With the demand for top quality commercial space increasing, it’s even more important to keep your property attractive and functioning like clockwork.

Preventive Maintenance


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