We value our Clients

How do we know, for a fact, your renovation will run smoothly with 3.5 hours of your time a week? Efficient over-communication.


Weekly Client Meeting: Run to the minute, this weekly ritual brings the architect, the engineer, the designer, the subcontractors, the principal project manager and you, the client, to meet together on site. By the end of the hour, the whole team is crystal clear where the project stands and the deliverables for the next week are delegated, including yours as the client.


Morning Call - Top 5: In these daily calls, the WVGC executive team determines the primary objectives of your project for the day so that the entire team is in alignment and can make them happen.


The Executive Meeting: Every Wednesday the WVGC executive team discusses the wins and the challenges on your project such; as are we on time, are we meeting the budget, or do we have a performance problem with a subcontractor. From start to finish you have the full brainpower of the company on your project.




Nothing is more important in a retail project than making your store perfect and delivering on-time. Working with your amazing design team and our extraordinary execution you will be delighted when we deliver your store on-time and on-budget with superb quality.



Commercial construction in New England is driven by time and budget. Having a team with 16+ years of experience will take the guesswork out of your commercial project. Our process will reduce your management time and you won't ever look for another contractor in this Region.


Design Build


We will build your home the way we'd build a loved family member's home. You will enjoy the clear and concise communication and will always know where we are with the budget and time line. No surprises just a beautiful process as you make your space into a home for your family and friends.




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